Flat Fee MLS in BC

The most effective most affordable way to get an MLS mere posting

In 2012 the Competition Bureau in Canada opened up the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to allow private home sellers to list their property without having the full services of an agent.

BC For Sale By Owner partners with local agents to offer a-la-carte MLS listings for the private home seller. We believe that our services offers the best value for the private home seller.

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Every MLS upgrade includes a listing on BC For Sale By Owner, the top ranking website for FSBO on google.



One Time Payment

  • 6 Month MLS Listing
  • 6 Month FSBO Listing
  • No Extra Fees*
  • 16 Photos
  • Unique Website Address
  • Mobile Enabled Listing
  • Interactive Map
  • Free Twitter Post
*unlike some other guys, we don't change anything extra at closing. nada.

More about FSBO+MLS Plan

What is included in your MLS Listing?

Your MLS listing include both a full BC For Sale By Owner listing , and a 6 month listing on the Multiple Listing Service.

How long does it take to get listed?

We move fast. There is a few legal forms to sign, but after that it generally takes 2-4 days to get listed on the MLS.

How does it work?

When a buyer searches the MLS, your home appears just like other times. However, on the listing it is noted that it is a Mere Posting.

The listing agent's contact information is listed on the contact details.

  • The agent's website links directly to your BC For Sale By Owner listing, where a buyer can contact you directly.
  • he agent forwards any phone call inquiries directly to you.

Having the agent as the contact on MLS is an issue with all flat fee MLS listings services. It’s unfortunate that you can not have your contact details directly on your listing, but we find that our unique process has been proven effective.

"I like the combination of the BCForSaleByOwner/MLS combination as it gets the property on the MLS website. It was fast, easy and it worked! "

Jeff Hickey - Prince George

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